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Tampa - May 2013

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Tampa — Flat Budget for 2014

May 2013

The board that governs Tampa's heritage streetcar service has reviewed a preliminary budget for Fiscal 2014 (which begins Oct. 1) that maintains fares and service at levels unchanged from the current year, The Tampa Tribune reported on May 16. The board also was told that the regional planning organization is considering a $100,000 study of streetcar route extensions.

The Tampa Historic Streetcar Inc. board estimates the operating cost as $1.98 million which would provide a base 20-minute headway from noon until 8:00 pm with shorter hours on Sunday but with late night service on Friday and Saturdays. The single fare would remain $2.50.

The budget would increase spending by $80,000 compared to the current year, and would draw funds from the streetcar system's endowment fund, which is expected to be depleted by 2018.

Meanwhile, the Hillsborough Metroplitan Planning Organization is considering funding of a $100,000 study to extend the line further in downtown Tampa to see if a longer line would improve ridership and coverage of costs.


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