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Spokane - March 2011

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Spokane — Open House for Streetcar Option

Rail Transit Online, March 2011

An open house was held on Mar. 29 for a proposed downtown electric streetcar circulator between Browne's Addition and the University District. The route was selected after a study titled Central City Transit Alternatives Analysis was completed by a consultant in conjunction with the city and Spokane Transit Authority.

According to STA Chief Executive Officer Susan Meyer, a streetcar line operating on 10-min. or 15-min. headways could relieve some of downtown's traffic congestion and absorb a substantial number of the 142,000 daily trips now made in the study corridor. "The first and most important thing is connectivity downtown," Meyer told The Spokesman-Review.

The preferred route would start at Browne's Addition and head east to Gonzaga University, then follow Pacific Avenue, Sprague or First Avenue, Post or Wall Street, Main or Riverside Avenue, Spokane Falls Boulevard and Hamilton or Cincinnati Avenue. In addition to a streetcar, planners are looking at enhanced bus service and electric trolley buses.

Financing would come from a local sales tax, which would have to be approved by voters, and from federal grants. The earliest the line could be built is 2014.


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