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Sacramento - June 2017

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Sacramento — Tax Referndum Passes

June 2017

The Sacramento Bee reports that almost 80 percent of large central city businesses have agreed to tax themselves a combined $50 million over the next 25 years to help cover the planned streetcar system’s operating costs.

A total of 314 ballots were counted and 250 voters approved the tax, handily beating the two-thirds needed, based on results released by the city clerk’s office.

With this result, city officials and streetcar supporters likely will pursue a full-funding grant agreement with the Federal Transit Administration later this year. Local and California agencies are providing $100 million for the project and supporters hope for a $100 million match from the federal government.

“Our streetcar project is on track to bring new mobility options to downtown, midtown and West Sacramento,” Sacramento Councilman Steve Hansen emailed. “I’m thankful to the area’s property owners for their financial commitment to transit. Onward!”

Businesses that voted on the tax included the Sacramento Kings, Macy’s, and downtown hotels. The Kings will probably be the biggest taxpayer, contributing an estimated $125,000. The team has expressed its support for the project.















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