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Oklahoma City - May 2013


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Oklahoma City, OK — Streetcar Outreach

May 2013

In early May, the Modern Transit Project group (jeff.bezdek@mtpokc.com) sent an email update on plans for a community meeting describing the MAPS3 streetcar project:

Streetcar Meeting this Thursday, 6:00 PM, at Downtown Library

Learn all the basics about MAPS 3 Streetcar!

The public is invited to learn about the MAPS 3 Modern Streetcar, streetcar operations and how they are being used around the country by attending a Modern Streetcar 101 community meeting hosted by the City of Oklahoma City and Jacobs Engineering.

The meeting will be held at 6 p.m., Thursday, May 9 on the fourth floor of the Downtown Public Library, 300 Park Avenue. Participation is free and registration is not necessary.
The meeting will give attendees insight on how the MAPS 3 Modern Streetcar may function once it's built. The streetcar is expected to be a catalyst for development and continue the revitalization of downtown Oklahoma City.

Project Manager Mike McAnelly with Jacobs Engineering will discuss the basics of modern streetcars including average speed, turning radius, single and double track options, spacing between stops, and how the streetcars interact with traffic, pedestrians and bicyclists.
"There are many people in the region who have never boarded a modern streetcar and want to know what they can expect from ours," MAPS 3 Program Manager David Todd said. "We will also discuss streetcar systems that are in various stages of implementation in Portland, Seattle, Atlanta, Kansas City and Los Angeles."
Attendees will be presented with analysis from transit plans and studies conducted in Oklahoma City and the metropolitan area including the Fixed Guideway Study, Let's Talk Transit, the Greater Downtown OKC Circulator Alternatives Analysis and the Intermodal Transportation Hub Master Plan.
Funding for a $128.8 million Modern Streetcar project was approved by voters in 2009 as a part of MAPS 3 (Metropolitan Area Projects).  The streetcar route is expected to be approved by City Council this summer and construction on the rail is expected to begin in 2014. The rail-based streetcar and a hub will serve downtown Oklahoma City and the number of miles of track constructed will be determined by funding.

The Modern Streetcar project is managed by the City of Oklahoma City's MAPS 3 office.  A 10-person Modern Streetcar Subcommittee, made up of residents, provides input to City staff and to the MAPS 3 Citizens Advisory Board.

About the Modern Transit Project and ONTRAC

The Modern Transit Project began as a campaign to advocate for the inclusion of rail and intermodal hub initiatives into the proposed MAPS 3 program.  With the successful inclusion of the streetcar and intermodal hub $130 million budget, MTP organized formally as a political committee to assist with efforts to pass the initiative via the December 9, 2009 public vote.  Records of campaign expenditures associated with this effort are available through the City Clerk's office.

The Modern Transit Project now exists as a volunteer organization with minimal direct contributions made by individual members and the Board of Advisers for individual educational outreach about MAPS 3 and complimentary transit initiatives.
The volunteers meet twice monthly.  Guests are always welcome.  Contact the volunteers at info@mtpokc.com

OnTrac is a not-for-profit public interest organization whose mission is to ensure Oklahoma's rail transit future for the citizens of Oklahoma. OnTrac seeks to achieve its mission by working in partnership with state and local governments, public and private organizations and the citizenry to create and expand rail transit opportunities throughout Oklahoma.

For more information, visit www.ontrac.org


Modern Transit Project
1015 N. Broadway, Suite 120
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73102


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