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New York - September 2016

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New York — Dedicated Lane Urged

September 2016

The New York Times posted an article citing recommendations from north of the border that Toronto's experience with streetcars strongly demonstrates the need for a dedicated lane for streetcars in order to keep service moving.

In the Canadian city streetcars have run continuously since the 1800s and many routes through downtown operate only in mixed traffic, making them subject to delays. Several other routes have been given dedicated lanes--despite the objection of motorists--and the streetcars move much more rapidly.

Recently the city hired Adam Giambrone, former chairman of the Toronto Transit Commission to run the BQZ project including promoting it with residents along the route.

Two key messages have come from Toronto: place tracks in dedicated lanes to forestall becomoing trapped in traffic and anticipate severe complaints about loss of lanes for traffic and parking spaces.


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