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Montreal - August 2009

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Montreal — First Streetcar Route Announced

Rail Transit Online, August 2009

A consultant study by Consortium GenivarSystra for a new streetcar system in the central city was released on Aug. 14 and it recommended that the first line begin in Old Montreal. The serpentine route would follow Peel, De La Commune and Berri streets and Rene Levesque Boulevard, then take Guy and Cote-des-Neiges to a terminal at Jean Talon Street.

The city-commissioned study also proposed future extensions on Ste. Catherine Street, Park Avenue and Pie IX Boulevard. The initial segment would serve downtown businesses and offices, universities and hospitals and could attract up to 80,000 weekday riders.

Mayor Gerald Tremblay is a strong supporter of streetcars and is pushing for the first line to open by 2013. Montreal's last streetcar line was scrapped in August 1959.

Montreal street scene


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