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Los Angeles - October 2008

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Los Angeles — Downtown Streetcar Gets First Funding

Rail Transit Online — October 2008

The Los Angeles Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) on Oct. 2 allocated $5 million to a proposed $90-million downtown streetcar project that supporters hope will open in 2014. According to a budget prepared by CRA staff, track and infrastructure improvements would be the most expensive component costing an estimated $20.6 million. Operating expenses are projected at $4.9 million annually.

Much of the capital cost is expected to come from adjacent property owners who will be taxed through a yet-to-be-formed benefit assessment district. The project, using modern rolling stock based on the Portland model, would be taken forward by Los Angeles Streetcar, Inc., a non-profit organization currently being formed.

The line would be built along Broadway, a busy but low-end shopping district that civic, business and political leaders are anxious to revitalize.


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