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Los Angeles - June 2017

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Los Angeles — Streetcar May Be Delayed

June 2017

A recent report compiled by City of Los Angeles staff projects a completion date of July 2021, some seven months later than the prior deadline of December 2020.

This is the latest in a string of delays that have affected the project. In 2008 a city councillor who was backing the project called for it to be running by 2014. Later, after a period of relative inactivity in advancing the project, a date of 2019 was suggested.

Funding has been a key issue and a jump in price after voters approved the plan in 2012 was particularly detrimental. The estimate went from $125 million to as much as $328 million. The latest projections, however, are now $290 million.

Last November voters passed Measure M which will bring $200 million to the streetcar, but the funds won't be available until 2053, so other funding must be found for the project in the interim.

The project hopes to receive $100 million in Federal New Starts funding.

Eash year of delay in building the project will raise the cost by $8 to $10 million.



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