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Little Rock - Results and Expansion - June

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APTA Rail Conference - June 14, 2006

Little Rock Progress and Expansion

Based on presentation by Keith Jones, General Manager, Central Arkansas Transit Authority

  • More than 200,000 riders in first 12 months (140,000 forecast)

  • 180,000 riders in 2005

  • Over $140 million of new development underway or announced

  • 2 more cars ordered for extension to Clinton Library, currently under construction

  • The 4,500 foot extension including enlarging the trolley barn and the two new cars is costing $8.5 million

The following images from the presentation illustrate developments in Little Rock:

Map of the Little Rock River Rail system showing the extension to the Clinton Library.

The $47 million Towr Place Condominiums being built along the line in Little Rock.

Condo development at Markham along the line.

A $32 million minor league ball park being built in North Little Rock.

A $14 million Geneology Center is being built on this site.

North Little Rock's master plan flows in both directions from the streetcar line (shown in Orange).

Track construction underway on the Clinton Library expansion set to open in late 2006.

One of two new Gomaco streetcars for the extension arriving in Little Rock.




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