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Kenosha - October 2011

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Kenosha — Two More PCCs Acquired

Rail Transit Online, October 2011

Kenosha Transit has been given two PCC streetcars by the East Troy Railroad Museum, which no longer needs them for its current operations. The cars, originally owned by the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority and Toronto Transit Commission, are in excellent condition and have been re-gauged. They were transported to Kenosha on a flatbed truck at no cost to the city.

There are now eight PCCs in Kenosha, most built in 1951, seven of which are operable. However, the traction power system for the loop line connecting the railroad station with a redevelopment area and the lakefront can only handle three cars at one time, although the system will be upgraded if a planned extension is ever built.

The city has obtained a federal grant for the project but is holding off on construction due to economic conditions. The two East Troy vehicles will also need some modern improvements including wheelchair lifts and video security systems.


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