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Kenosha - January 2015

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Kenosha — Petition for Referendum

January 2015

Opponents of the proposed north-south expansion of Kenosha's east-west PCC-operated belt line have turned in petitions with more than 5,000 names seeking an April 7 advisory referendum on the project, Kenosha News reports. Former Mayor John Bilotti says, " We think it will be an overwhelming decision by the public, who will be against this ‘trolley folly.’”

The group, calling itself Common Sense Kenosha and chaired by Bilotti with former Kenosha County Board supervisor Joe Clark serving as treasurer, turned in 5,629 signatures.

Despite personally delivering the petitions to the City Clerk, Clark said the group is not attempting to overturn, through direct legislation, earlier action in which the council approved the expansion project. Accompanying letters ask that if neither the mayor nor aldermen kill the $!0 million project, that the advisory referendum in April should ask "Shall the city of Kenosha continue the streetcar expansion?"


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