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Kenosha - February 2014

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Kenosha — Expansion Costs Escalate

February 2014

A north-south extension of Kenosha's heritage PCC-operated loop line may cost more than first forecast, the Kenosha News reports. Each of four possible alignments has been estimated at more than the $10 million allocated by the city for the project. The costliest would be $13.2 million. The project will not proceed unless the price is $10 million or lower so it will go back to engineers for cost cutting options including possibly eliminating some track switches.

More than $8 million of the authorized $10 million comes from a federal grant. The city has agreed to an 80/20 cost share for the project, although the funds could be returned if the city decides not to move forward. Any amount over $10 million would have to be absorbed by the city.

Though the project has been criticized by some in the community, city officials say the project’s benefits will extend beyond an expanded streetcar route as the project includes repaving of all the streets where track will be installed.


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