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Kansas City - January 2008

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Kansas City — LRT Planning Schedule

Rail Transit Online, January 2008

The Kansas City Area Transportation Authority (ATA) has developed an outline of a rail planning schedule for this year that calls for a less expensive "fast streetcar" system. Although the agency hasn't released exact dates for various milestones, it wants the work to be completed by August, allowing sufficient time for public hearings prior to a November tax election. Assessment of possible routes in Kansas City began in January along with evaluation of various bridges to determine whether they could support
rail vehicles.

Among the streets under consideration are Grand, Main and Walnut through downtown, with a decision expected in spring. Station site selection should begin in February or March; stops may be at the curb or in street medians. Examination of possible locations for the maintenance base and yard may start in March or April, followed in May by recommendations for the route through North Kansas City. There are three possibilities for the latter: Swift, Burlington or some abandoned rail right-of- way paralleling Burlington.

Ridership data, a key piece of information that has not yet been addressed, should be ready in June. Last Nov. 5, ATA's 36-member citizen task force issued a report calling for modern streetcars instead of LRVs. An approximately 12-mi. (19.3 km) starter line would run from Vivion Road in the Northland neighborhood, through North Kansas City and downtown to terminate at Country Club Plaza. An eastern branch would connect to Prospect Avenue.



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