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December - May 2014

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Kansas City — $609 Million in Development

December 2014

The Kansas City Business Journal reports that a new study has estimated that $609 million in private development and 1,100 new jobs were linked to the streetcar. The report was sponsored by the Economic Development Corporation of Kansas City. Click here to see the report. The report was based on a voluntary survey of developers active inside the downtown transportation development district.

A subsequent article in the same publication cited some weaknesses in the study. The report did not include all projects in the development district and did not estimate the effect of other development incentives. Those incentives were crucial to the decisions of some developers to proceed with their projects.

The City estimated the value of projects in the district that have gone through the city's office which expedites plan review and permitting at $242.9 million. This figure counts projects that have been granted permits or are going through permitting.


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