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Fort Lauderdale - April 2016

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Fort Lauderdale — Op Ed Opposes Streetcar

April 2016

The Broward New Times web site posted an opinon piece titled "Six Reasons Fort Lauderdale's Wave Streetcar Is a Bad Idea". The reasons cited are:

1. The overhead wire will be unattractive.

2. Trees will have to be pruned or removed to avoid entanglements with the overhead wire.

3. Shelters at car stops do not provide adequate protection from sun or rain.

4. Some critics maintain that new streetcar systems in other cities hve not met their goals.

5. Streetcars will be slow and unreliable because they share lanes with other traffic.

6. For 25 years residents who live within a half mile of the line will pay a $99 surcharge on their property taxes.


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