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Fort Lauderdale - September 2014

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Fort Lauderdale — Extension Proposed

September 2014

The "Wave" modern streetcar line at Fort Lauderdale on Florida's east coast hasn't even been built yet but already there is a proposal for an extension -- a $7.2 million on-street loop at the northern terminal of the car line to serve the Flagler Village area, the Sun-Sentinel reports.

Those advocating the extension at the project's northern end along Northeast Sixth Street in Flagler Village claim it would promote redevelopment of more properties and would aid the city's efforts to attract businesses to Sistrunk Boulevard to the west.

However, Fort Lauderdale will have to find funding without federal or state assistance, City Manager Lee Feldman said. Federal and state dollars are covering $103.4 million of the existing costs of the downtown project. One proposal is for the city's Community Redevelopment Agency to provide the extra funding.

A decision is needed in the next month or so to avoid delaying design work for the currently-approved line. A number of other possible extensions are being discussed by local leaders.

The system is being built in two phases: a 1.4-mile line from the Central Bus Terminal on Broward Boulevard to the county courthouse, and a second phase that would comprise a northern branch to Sixth and another south on Andrews to 17th Street.

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