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Fort Lauderdale - May 2013

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Fort Lauderdale — Neighborhoods Welcome Streetcar

May 2013

Neighborhood groups are welcoming the planned modern streetcar line at Fort Lauderdale, a Florida city that never had electric traction service, The Sun-Sentinel reports. Downtown Development Authority staff have been soliciting the support of groups for the property tax increase that will help finance the line.

Neighborhood groups in Poinciana Park and Flagler Village have voted to support the project. The Downtown Fort Lauderdale Civic Association is now considering offering their support.

Key points made to the groups by Development Authority staff include experience of other cities that have introduced streetcars with reduction of pollution, reduction of traffic congestion, and increase in property values.

The streetcars are planned to operate on a 17.5 minute headway and will have real-time information that can be loaded into a mobile phone telling when the next car will come. The streetcars will also have the ability to hold green linghts for up to 20 seconds longer to allow streetcars to pass or to turn the light green 20 seconds sooner if a streetcar is waiting.

No vote was taken at the Civic Association meeting but reportedly comments and the mood were positive.


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