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Fort Worth - October 2008

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Fort Worth — Streetcar Plan Advances

Rail Transit Online, October 2008

The city council's Streetcar Study Committee has made substantial progress since being organized last June, including tentatively selecting modern cars as the preferred rolling stock over heritage-style equipment. The Czech-made Skoda-Inekon cars used in Portland and Seattle appear to be favored by the committee.

"Typically you'll find the heritage streetcars are very charming-looking but not quite as comfortable, and if you go for the authentic heritage ones, the older ones, then their maintenance costs more," Chairman Andy Taft told The Fort Worth Business Press.

The panel also named route choices, all of which would focus on downtown, based on population density, potential development, economic viability and "...which ones would create the most energy." Destinations include the Medical District, the Cultural District, Fort Worth South and the Stockyards, with streetcars running in mixed traffic.

"The routes would come from the hub with radial arms that go out into where our urban villages are," Poole told The Fort Worth Business Press. Funding for the project is still being sought.


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