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Fort Worth - October 2010

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Fort Worth — Hybrid Route Gains Support

Rail Transit Online, October 2010

A new route for Fort Worth's proposed downtown streetcar combining portions of previously-studied alignments appears to be gaining support from members of the city council who had been less than enthusiastic about the proposal. "I think the hybrid approach made more members on this council more comfortable," Mayor Mike Moncrief told the Star-Telegram, adding that he still needs more details before making a final decision.

The latest scheme, developed by consultant HDR Engineering, would be built in two segments totaling about three miles (4.8 km) and would cost between $80 million and $85 million. Phase 1 would run from downtown on Jennings and Vickery streets to South Main Street and cost up to $57 million. Phase 2 would extend the line along North Main Street to the Trinity River Vision development with financing from its taxing district.

Funding for Phase 1 would come from an already-approved $24.9-million federal grant, which the city has not yet officially accepted, and from the local Southside Tax Reinvestment Zone; that agency's board of directors has already approved the streetcar in concept.

Future extensions could be built to a hospital complex to the south, the Stockyards to the north, two existing Trinity Railway Express stations in Fort Worth and to the Evans-Rosedale neighborhood, leaders of which have already asked for streetcar service. The council is scheduled to vote on the project next month.


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