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Contract Packaging

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Contract Packaging Approach
• Detailed in Project Delivery and Packaging Plan
• Construction Methods
• Design Methods
• Risk Assignment

Construction Delivery Methods
• Design Bid Build
• Construction Manager / General Contractor
• Design / Build (D/B)
• Design Build Operate Maintain (DBOM)

Design Bid Build
• Owner Contracts with Designer
• Owner Contracts with Constructor
• Selection Based on Low Bid
• Owner Maintains Most Control
• Owner Retains the Most Risk
• Claims & Litigation Risk

Construction Manager / General Contractor (CM/GC)
• Owner Contracts with Designer
• Owner Contracts with Constructor (CM/GC)
• Constructor hired during design
• Constructor “participates” in design
• Constructor negotiates price
• Owner negotiates risk allocation
• Lower incidence of claims

• Contractor designs and builds
• Designer usually sub
• Owner retains less control
• Design/Builder (D/B) retains more risk
• D/B selected on qualifications and price
• May shorten schedule

Design Build Operate Maintain (DBOM)
• Same as D/B but Added Responsibilities
• Usually Longer Term
• Usually Performance Incentives
• May Include Financing
• Most Risk Transferred to DBOM Entity
• Owner Least in Control


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