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Project Delivery

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Project Delivery to Date – Projects with FTA involvement

• 2 completed

• 2 in construction

• 1/3 of projects have experienced confirmed cost increases

• At least 2 others will experience increases

• All but 2 have experienced schedule delay


• Funding decisions made at very low‐level of design; cost and schedules inherently uncertain

• Cost and schedule estimates sometimes prepared by inexperienced sponsors

• Unrealistic NEPA schedules

• Unrealistic vehicle procurement schedules

• Vehicle delivery delays, bid protests

• Inability of project team to make milestone decisions

• Contract negotiations take longer than expected; some renegotiations

• Loss of political support or funding

• Right Of Way acquisitions progress slowly; costs often under‐estimated

• Utility negotiations take longer than expected

• Differing site conditions cause construction delays and change orders increase cost


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