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The Importance of Partnerships in Streetcar Projects

• No universal model

• Entities involved in planning streetcar systems iInclude:

– Cities (12)

– Transit Agencies (10)

– Private / Development Entities (5)

– MPOs (3)

– State DOTs (2)

Multiple Partners = Multiple Funding Sources


Benefits of Partnerships

• Brings new funding to the table

• Builds broader project constituency

• Leverages strengths

• Diversifies risk, but……..

Challenges of Partnerships

• Creates organizational risk

• Time/labor/resource intensive

• Maintaining a shared vision

• Meeting expectations

• The broader, the more fragile

Keys to Successful Partnerships ‐ from Dallas Streetcar Project Team

• Individual goals, but common mission

• Commitment at both staff and executive levels

• Clear understanding – and respect – for roles and responsibilities

• Frequent, open, and inclusive communication

• Trust and accountability


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