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El Paso - February 2015

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El Paso, TX —  RFP for PCC Rebuild Issued

February 2015

The Camino Real Regional Mobility Authority (CRRMA) in El Paso, Texas, has issued an RFP for the rebuilding of seven PCC cars, now stored outside on an airport runway. There is an option for two additional El Paso PCC cars to be rebuilt, as part of the contract.

The cars were built for San Diego in 1937 and ran there until 1949. After service ended there, 20 of the cars were sold to El Paso where they ran from 1950 to 1974 on a line which looped through downtown El Paso then crossed the bridge to Mexico, where it looped through the center of Cuidad Juarez.

The surviving nine cars have been stored outisde for decades at the El Paso airport, but remained remarkably uncorroded due to the desert climate. Planners for El Paso's new streetcar line would like to re-use these PCCs if the cost of rebuilding them is lower than the cost of completely new cars.

Follow this link to see the RFP: El Paso RFP.


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