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Cincinnati - April 2015

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Cincinnati — Extension Study Surprise

April 2015

Cincinnati spent $200,000 to study a possible streetcar extension to the Uptown area near the University of Cincinnati campus and the expenditure came as a surprise to Mayor John Cranley, The Enquirer reported on April 2. Duke Energy issued a report saying moving utilities in the corridor would cost $78 million. The study was for engineering firms to study the utiilty issue. The anti streetcar mayor was quoted as saying "I am baffled we would even consider Phase II." His skepticism is shared by City Manager Harry Black who cited three areas of risk for the Phase I streetcar now under construction: Possible construction cost overruns, startup costs, and operating costs.

Subsequently, The Enquirer reported that in a 5-4 vote recorded after a prolonged discussion, Cincinnati City Council on April 15 asked the city's administration to study the Uptown extension. The study will look at where future funding could come from and is not expected to cost taxpayers additional money, beyond city staff time.

Since it can take years to obtain Federal money, councillors want the city administration to study every possible way to pay for the extension.


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