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Cincinnati - February 2014

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Cincinnati — Suspension Costs Escalate

February 2014

The Cincinnati City Council's decision to suspend streetcar construction after the anti-streetcatr mayor came to office may cost more than previously estimated. The supplier providing steel for the maintenance and storage facility began work on another project during the suspension, which may delay completion of the facility by two months. The project team is now looking for a different steel fabricator to see if the original schedule can be maintained.

The cost of the delay will be borne by the $9.4 million contingency fund. Before the fabricator's delay was known, audit firm KPMG had estimated the stoppage would cost between $1.7 million and $2.8 million.

The extreme winter weather experienced by the city this winter could also impact the project's schedule.

Mayor John Cranley is urging cost cutting measures, perhaps simplifying shelters at streetcar stops.


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