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Atlanta - March 2017

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Atlanta — Flaws Unaddressed and Ridership Down

March 2017

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported on March 17 that the city only has addressed less than one-third of the streetcar system flaws identified in a "stinging" audit one year ago. Problems identified then included short staffing, weak security and safety, insufficient accident investigation, and defective equipment.

As well, ridership declined 60% last year after a $1 fare was instituted, and many passengers now evade payment.

Nonetheless, supporters are pushing for a major expansion of the streetcar system to create a 53-mile streetcar and light rail network connecting to the Beltline and other traffic generators to serve people in many areas.

As to the defects, Georgia Department of Transportation expects the remaining tasks to be completed by June. State officials are pleased with progress to date.

Critics however feel the streetcar has been an expensive failure. Supporters expect the growing network to trigger significant economic growth.

Supporters also reportedly are not worried about the decrease in ridership. They cite a big increase in riders in January as a possible turnaround. Also the city recently introduced a smart phone app that could encourage more people to purchase tickets.


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