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Anaheim - March 2013

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Anaheim — Disney Expansion Motivates Planning

March 2013

According to the Voice of OC news site, a city councillor confirmed the rumours that the city's plans for a streetcar line are inspired by plans by Disney to expand their Park. The Councilwoman, Kris Murray, said that West Katella and West Ball Road near the park are already beyond capacity.

The idea of the streetcar is to alleviate the motor vehicle traffic. Critics of the project question whether the more than $300 million of public money required to build the project should be spent to meet the needs of a private corporation.

Supporters say the line will help the city grow by providing higher quality transportation and will spur economic development along the line. It will serve the transit depot which will have growing numbers of riders, especially if the California high speed rail line is built to serve the station, as planned but not yet funded.




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