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McKinney Avenue Transit Authority

3153 Oak Grove

Dallas, TX 75204

(214) 855 0006


The McKinney Avenue project began when local business owners, seeking to link their reviving restaurant and entertainment area with Downtown Dallas, discovered abandoned trolley tracks beneath the asphalt of McKinney Avenue. These tracks became the nucleus of the project, although some new track was required. Service began in 1989, and extensions to the line are proposed.


The line initially ran from Ross and St. Paul along the latter street to McKinney Avenue, then northerly to a loop around Hall, Cole, and Allen, a distance of about a mile. Subsequently, extensions of about 1/2 mile were been proposed at either end, which would link the line directly with downtown and with the Dallas Area Rapid Transit light rail station at City Place. The northern extension to City Place has since been built bringing the total length of the line to 3.6 miles. There are four restored passenger trolleys available for service. A small shop is located near the north end of the line, and restoration work as well as maintenance is performed there. The line is not wheelchair accessible.


The line runs seven days per week. The fare is $0.75 for adults, with reduced fares for children and seniors.


The McKinney Avenue line is a separate organization, established solely to own and operate the vintage trolley. Originally, it was set up with a paid staff, but financial difficulties made it necessary to go to a volunteer staff. The management is under a Board of Directors which is made up of members of the local business community.

Operating Costs and Funding:

Details of operating costs are not available. The line receives much of its revenue from the farebox, and also receives grants and donations and sponsorships from local private and public entities.

Capital Costs and Funding:

Details not available.

System Benefits:

Anecdotal information from newspaper articles and other sources indicate that the merchants see the trolley as an important adjunct to the area, which is the major entertainment and restaurant venue for downtown Dallas, and is historic in nature. The line plans two extensions, which will give it much better linkage for visitors, and will allow access from the very successful DART light rail system.

System Problems and Issues:

The McKinney Avenue line is a good example of what can be accomplished with a volunteer staff, once the infrastructure has been built. The major issue at present is that of finding funding for the needed extensions.


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