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Vancouver, BC

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Vancouver, British Columbia

For some years the city of Vancouver has been studying and planning reintroduction of streetcars in the city center. The first concrete step was the construction of the Downtown Heritage Railway as a museum operation using classic Vancouver interurban cars. Subsequently, after years of planning extensions, the city took advantage of hosting the 2010 Winter Olympics to establish a demonstration modern streetcar operation along this route. With the assistance of carbuilder Bombardier two modern low-floor Flexity streetcars were borrowed from Brussels to operate on the upgraded line during the regular and special Olympics to both transport visitors and to demonstrate how modern streetcars could fit into the city fabric.

The history of the city's once extensive streetcar and interurban trolley system has for some years been celebrated by restored British Columbia Electric interurban cars operating on Vancouver's Downtown Heritage Railway. The line connects Granville Island with Science World across the bay from downtown Vancouver. Due to funding constaints the line has been shut down since the Olymipc Line demonstration ended.

Click on the thumbnail images below to enlarge the map and photos below:

This map shows the current routine of Vancouver's heritage trolley line.

The two restored interurban cars pose at the modest, but functional, carbarn built for the line.

Varnished wood dominates the classic interior of the restored interurban trolleys.

The classic lines of the cars plus their glistening red and white colors have been greatly admired by visitors.

A passing siding at the midpoint of the single track line allows the two cars to pass, just as was common practice on interurban lines a century ago.


Click on the thumbnail images below to enlarge the photos of the Olympic Line demonstration line below:

One of the Brussels Bombardier Flexity cars on the Olympic line.

A car at the Granville Island end of the line, close to many restaurants and shops.

The tent at the right covers the long line of potential passegers waiting to experience the fare-free ride.

Leather seats, wood trim, and indirect lighting highlight the Flexity's interior.

The motorman is located inside an enclosed cab with large windows affording passengers a view to the front.


The following news notes from Rail Transit Online provide an overview of developments pertaining to Vancouver's heritage line:

The following presentation prepared by Dale Bracewell of the City of Vancouver explains the planning for Olympic demonstration line and how that relates to plans for a modern streetcar network in the city:


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