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Toronto - October 2015

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Toronto — More Delivery Delays

October 2015

Progressive Railroading reports that Bombardier Transportation in the second week of October informed Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) management that it will not meet an earlier commitment to deliver 23 new streetcars to Toronto by year’s end.

As of mid-October, 10 new streetcars are available for service in the city, TTC officials said in a statement. Based on the original contract schedule, 67 of 204 new streetcars should now be serving customers.

However, Bombardier told the agency that it would only be able to have 16 streetcars service-ready by Dec. 31, according to the TTC.

TTC Chief Executive Officer Andy Byford has recommended that the agency's board bring forward a deferred staff report at its meeting next week regarding potential sanctions that may be levied against Bombardier.

The agency's staff is slated to recommend to the TTC board that it commence legal action, or make a claim allowed for in the contract of CDN$50 million for late delivery, agency officials said.

TTC will also seek damages for maintenance and overhaul costs of the existing streetcar fleet; service and customer impact costs, such as supplementing streetcar routes with buses; and time spent on the matter, agency officials said.


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