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Toronto - February 2015

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Toronto — Better Ride, Longer Headways

February 2015

Introduction of the new Bombardier articulated, low-floor streetcars will result in longer headways (elapsed time between trips) by an average of two minutes in rush hours according to Metro News.

Toronto Transportation Commission officials say riders will benefit from more reliable service. As well, since the new cars are longer, they won’t have to wait two or three cars to board. Outside of peak hours, headways will in general remain unchanged.

City Councillor Gord Perks is advocating for purchase of an additional 60 cars so that headways will not increase. Total cost for these cars would be almost $300 million. The new cars can carry up to 251 riders, nearly twice as many as can board the standard length CLRV cars operating today.

TTC says that having fewer cars operating on a line will make it easier to manage operations and keep the cars on schedule.

TTC managers would prefer to wait another year or longer before ordering the additional cars, not wanting to reward Bombardier given the late delivery of cars to date. The TTC has up to the 60th car delivery to exercise the option for more cars at a predetermined price.


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