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Seattle - May 2008

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Seattle — Streetcar Routes Selected

Rail Transit Online, May 2008

The city's Department of Transportation has chosen four promising crosstown routes for new streetcar lines, eliminating three other proposals for a variety of technical and operating reasons. Those selected include:

• A 3.5-mi. (5.6 km), $179-million extension of the existing South Lake Union Streetcar from Westlake Center to the University District;
• A 4.0-mi. (6.4 km), $180-million line from the King Street Station area north to Seattle Center via downtown;
• A 2.8-mi. (4.5 km), $110-million link between
Pioneer Square, First Hill and Capitol Hill;
• A 4.4-mi. (7.1 km), $130-million line connecting Westlake Center to Fremont and Ballard.

Funding has not been identified for any of the projects, but sources could include a benefit assessment levy on commercial property served by the streetcars and a Sound Transit financing package that must be approved by voters. The proposal will now go to the city council for discussion and possible amendment. Supporters are hopeful that a completed plan can be approved by late summer.


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