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San Jose, CA

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San Jose, CA

Follow this link for an Overview of San Jose's heritage trolleys.

Regular operation of heritage trolleys on San Jose's light rail system has been suspended due to budgetary constraints. Occasional operation for special events may continue.

Click on the photos below to enlarge views of San Jose's heritage trolleys:

One of San Jose's restored heritage trolleys runs on tree line downtown track on the city's light rail system.

A view near the carbarn shows the car running in the modern areas outside central San Jose.

A horse car beautifully restored by Fred Bennett's team at San Jose's Kelley Park.

A Milan, Italy Peter Witt car, part of the heritage fleet on the Valley Transportation Authority light rail system.

A restored California style half-open, half-closed car in the VTA heritage trolley barn.

The varnished interior of the same car. Note the early open frame seat backs.

California-style car 1 rounds out the heritage fleet on the San Jose light rail system.


The following references a New Electric Railway Journal article (reproduced in this site's Articles section):

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