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San Francisco, CA

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San Francisco, CA

Follow this link for an Overview of San Francisco's heritage streetcar operation.

Click on the thumbnail images below to enlarge the below images of San Francisco's "F" line:

One of San Francisco's F-line trolleys in the colors of the Kansas City Public Service Company runs through Fisherman's wharf.

Opposite the famed Ferry Building, two San Francisco heritage trolleys pause. PCC 1063, in Baltimore colors, is followed by an ex-Melbourne tram.

Melbourne car 496 approaches the foot of Market Street, after turning from the Embarcadero.

An ex-Philadelphia PCC in Boston colors glides along the new track on the newly-rebuilt Embarcadero.

Three heritage PCCs at Fisherman's wharf wear the colors from the Philadelphia Suburban, Kansas City, and Brooklyn.

A restored Municipal Railway "Iron Monster" operates on brand new reserved track along the Embarcadero.

A "Peter Witt" style car from Milan, Italy boards passengers on Market Street in the city's financial district.

Beautification of the F-line route was a major priority, including import of dozens of palm trees from southern California.

A San Francisco PCC in Boston colors prepares to enter the turnaround loop at the outer end of the F-line near Market and Castro.

One of the heritage cars that received attention from Market Street Railway volunteers is this single truck car from Porto, Portugal.


San Francisco's has one of the largest fleets of historic streetcars. It includes nearly 30 PCC cars, 9 Milan Peter Witt cars, and a number of one-of-a-kind historic cars. The Muni and Market Street Railway are restoring more cars for service. At least 34 more cars are on the property, but are not in operating condition. Plans are underway for reahbilitation of another group of cars. The system needs a total of about 45 to provide service on the current F-line and the planned E-line, which would connect Fisherman's Wharf with the PacBell Stadium along the Embarcadero.

Ridership on the F-line now averages about 20,000 daily, a more than three fold increase from the 5,800 riders carried by the trolley bus line that previously served the Market Street section of the route.

The following news notes from Rail Transit Online provide more about San Francisco's streetcar system:

Click on the following link for the historic streetcar section of the Municipal Railway of San Francisco's website:

Click on the link below for the web site of the Market Street Railway, the volunteer group that plays a major role in planning and support of San Francisco's heritage trolley operation:

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