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Portland - June 2013

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Portland — First United Streetcar Enters Service

June 2013

The first of five production streetcars ordered by Portland Streetcar from Clackamas, OR, -based United Streetcar LLC, a subsidiary of Oregon Iron Works, finally entered revenue service on June 11, The Oregonian reports. The contract for these cars was signed in 2007. The prototype car did not enter service until September 2012 and will be removed from service, due to ongoing problems, once enough of the production cars are delivered.

The first production car entered service after five months of testing, but nine months after the new Eastside line was opened. The second car, now undergoing testing, could enter service soon, but the three remaining cars are affected by more delays and may not be delivered for several months.

Tucson, Ariz., has ordered eight similar cars from United Streetcar and Washington, D.C., has ordered three. None of these has been delivered.


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