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New Orleans - January 2015

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New Orleans — New Terminal at Cemeteries

January 2015

WWL Television reports that the New Orleans RTA is again moving forward with long-delayed plans for a new streetcar terminal at the outer end of the Canal Street car line. The line currently ends in a stub track sandwiched between traffic lanes on Canal Street at City Park Avenue. Pedestrian access to the streetcar platforms is dangerous and reaching connecting bus stops require more dangerous traffic conflicts for pedestrians.

Since the initial planning for the return of streetcars to the Canal line, the intention was to have the outbound streetcars turn right on City Park Avenue then very shortly left onto Canal Boulevard where room exists in the wide neutral ground for streetcar and bus platforms with no traffic conflicts.

Neighborhood groups objected to the move though transit riders strongly supported it. The current plans move the tracks into the lanes adjacent to the neutral ground, rather than in the neutral ground, to avoid removing trees.

Funding is on hand for the $10 million cost of building the new terminal. Public hearings are being scheduled as planning for the new terminal advances.


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