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Kenosha, WI

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Kenosha, Wisconsin

Follow this link to an Overview of the Kenosha heritage line.

Since June of 2000 Kenosha has operated a nearly two-mile long streetcar loop connecting the Metra commuter rail station with the Harborfront area--which is a waterfront redevelopment of a former industrial district once dominated by a large auto factory.

Ever since its opening plans have been developed for expansion of the system including some that would more than triple its length. The new lines would serve the downtown areas and would connect another brownfield site that is scheduled for redevelopment. Developer interest in Kenosha is strong and supporters of the expanded streetcar line felt it would, as in so many other cities, be a significant factor in spurring redevelopment.

However, in mid-2015 the City Council voted to kill all expansion plans and reallocate funding to road repairs.

Click on the thumbnail images below to expand images of Kenosha's line taken in April, 2005:

A former Toronto PCC car operates in paved track past the Kenosha carbarn.

The line stops directly in front of the Metra commuter rail station with service to Chicago.

More than half of the line's track is covered with grass in attractively landscaped areas.

The line passes classic elements of Kenosha's business district. Many are showing signs of renovation.

New residential development flanks much of the line. This area formely featured heavy industry.

The far end of the line curves past the Lake Michigan waterfront passing a marina and a new anthropological museum as well.

Simple and reliable wheelchair lifts have been added at the center doors.

The carbarn was constructed for only $1 million but is an attractive asset to the neighborhood.

The carbarn easily houses the system's 5 cars and has room for modest fleet expansion.

Kenosha streetcars operate in mixed traffic on parts of the route successfully.


The following news notes describe further developments in Kenosha:

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