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Galveston - June 2013

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Galveston, TX — Council Considers Revival Options

June 2013

According to galvestondailynews.com, more than four years have elapsed since diesel powered trolleys carried people between the seawall and The Strand. For years before, the condition of the cars and the track had been declining, but it took salt water inundation from Hurricane Ike to close the system.

The city council had been expected to decide the system's future earlier this year, but the matter was never added to the council's agenda. Now a
transportation consultanting firm promises it will soon present several options for the system's future.

"Funds are available to make needed track improvements and restore the flood-damaged vehicles," said John D. Carrara Jr., senior vice president of the Goodman Corporation, the city's consultant. "The scenarios will be presented to the Finance and Fiscal Affairs Committee and city council for decision-making about whether to return the trolley system to service and, if so, at what level of service." The presentation shoulds are anticipated to be scheduled in August.


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