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Galveston - January 2013

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Galveston, TX — Streetcar Future Uncertain

January 2013

The diesel-powered vintage trolley service at Galveston has not operated for more than 4-1/4 years since infrastructure was damaged by Hurricane Ike and city leaders are undecided whether to restore it, the Galveston Daily News site reports. Officials said the replica trolleys were more quaint relics than reliable sources of transportation.

Either later this month or early in February, The Goodman Corp. consultants are to provide to the city council a plan of repair needs and estimated costs for the trolley tracks and vehicles.

That plan, which won't be available to the public until the city council reviews it, also includes maintenance expenses, officials said.

Armed with information from The Goodman Corp., the city council is expected to make a decision sometime in the first quarter about whether to move forward with necessary repairs including replacement of the chassis on the damaged trolley cars.


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