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Dallas - August 2016

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Dallas — Downtown Choice Looms

August 2016

Two major downtown rail tranist projects are competing for funding and there may not be enough for both according to a story posted on dallasnews.com. One project is the second downtown crossing (named D2) for the city's very successful light rail lines. Currently all the lines converge on the same street route through downtown and it is approaching capacity.

The second is for a connection between the new Oak Cliff modern streetcar and the McKinney Avenue heritage streetcar. D2 might be placed in a tunnel, making it cost $1.2 billion or more. A surface route for D2 might cost only $600 million. The streetcar link is estimate to cost around $92 million, or up to $240 million if the McKinney line were to be extended to Knox-Henderson.

The lower price of the streetcar might make it the favorite to attract funding first, but the D2 would have more regional impact.

Leaders are variously backing either or both projects.


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