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Charlotte - July 2006

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Charlotte, NC — East-West Streetcar

Rail Transit Online – July 2006

A proposed 10-mi. (16.1 km) streetcar line connecting a new transit center at Beatties Ford Road and Interstate 85 with central Charlotte and Eastland Mall would cost about $250 million, according to information released by CATS on June 29.  Average weekday ridership would range from 14,200 to 16,700 in 2030, about 50 percent more than the current bus service carries.  The 34-station line would replace two major bus routes on Beatties Ford Road and Central Avenue and would have an end-to-end running time of 43 min.  The modern streetcars would also spur economic development, according to CATS.  No timetable for construction has been set. 

Web site: www.charmeck.org/Departments/CATS/Rapid+Transit+Planning/Center+City/Home.htm


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