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Next Heritage Trolley Task Force Meeting

Chair Jim Graebner has called the next meeting of the Heritage Trolley & Streetcar Task Force for Friday, October February 23 in San Francisco, CA.. 

Friday February 23 2007

10:00 am


10:00 am

1.      Call to Order / Introductions / Announcements

Jim Graebner, Chair


2.      Meeting Minutes / APTA Business

Martin Schroeder

10:15 am

3.      Track Standards Working Group Report

a.   Track standards development (partnered effort with APTA’s Streetcar Subcommittee, APTA’s Track Technical Forum, AREMA Committee 12, and the TRB Streetcar Circulator Committee)


Martin Schroeder / Jim Graebner / John Smatlak

12:00 pm

4.      Lunch 

Provided by APTA

1:00 pm

5.      Working Group Reports

a.       Vehicle Standards Update.

                                     i.          Vehicle standards update schedule

                                   ii.          Update on the Streetcar Vehicle Standard in light of crashworthiness safety and APTA’s new efforts in this area

b.      OCS Standards

c.       Web Site & Technology Sharing .

d.      Photography and Security Update (Photography Registration Program)

e.  General 2006 Work Program Assessment


 John Smatlak

 John Smatlak

Martin Schroeder



Jim Schantz


Tom Hickey

Martin Schroeder

2:00 pm

6.      Conference Update

     a. 2006 Rail Conference (Review) .

     b. 2007 Rail Conference - Toronto (Preview


Martin Schroeder

Jim Graebner

2:30 pm

7.      2007 Work Plan Approval  

James Graebner

3:00 pm

8.  Was sup?  (Round table review of projects)

James Graebner

4:15 pm

9. Review of Action Items / Next Meeting ...

Martin Schroeder


6:00 pm


8:00 pm


Meeting Reception at the Market Street Railway Museum

77 Steuart St.

San Francisco, CA

hors d’ouevres & refreshments sponsored by LTK

Thank you, LTK!

LTK Engineering Services


Tour of MUNI Historic Streetcars

Cam Beach



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